Note: Once you collect a camper, they will go to wait by the bridge in the area surrounded by the transparent square, if you go up to a camper that you have already collected, you won't see the blue circle around them, since you already collected them.

My game is about collecting my campers from amidst the sea of campers. The purpose of the game is to simulate the chaos of camp, but still showing the ability of everyone to get to where they need to be. I chose this topic because camp has always and continues to be a really big part of my life. I've been at this camp for now 14 years, I can't remember a summer in my life where I wasn't there, and I only have good memories of it. Camp has been a big part in defining who I am as a person, so when making a game that represents part of my life, it only made sense to me that I would be making a game that was related to camp.

I really enjoyed the entire process as a whole. But I particularly enjoyed making and painting the models because I was able to do things that i have done before in other programs, but more efficiently and with less effort. There wasn't really anything that I didn't enjoy doing because I find the idea of making games and everything that goes into them so interesting. I'm also still learning so harder parts are just bigger learning experiences. The hardest part for me was working out the code for moving the campers around, and what they would do when they were collected. I found it pretty easy, once I got that code done, to tweak everything and get it to be how I imagined it. 

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